Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm A Grown Up...!

I Have An Office!

I have an office :D

When I saw the latest releases from LISP well I just had to grab it! I feel like I am turning into a bit of a "Lisp Stalker" as I just love their stuff but its fantastic when you (I)find a store who makes things "just how I like them.." I then buy up a storm, its a must! The Star Angel on the desk is also from LISP.

I have a few other stores that I am a huge, HUGE, fan of to and so I have landmarks and a memo (in my new desk drawers) reminding me to go buy them out at the first available opportunity..:D

I brought this Beatrice set here: Marketplace.  It worked out cheaper to buy it as the set because saving lindens is ALWAYS a good thing!

The little box of "things" down by the desk I picked up from the Texture Store Insight Designs. They have some cute little bits of furniture out so along with their gorgeous textures, its a store that is worthy of a visit.


Eve said...

very nice desk !! i would like to have one like that in rl !!!

Aubrey said...

Oh Me to Eve! lol x