Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Excuse The Mess!

Moving In

Argh! I have forgotten what it is like to decide where I want everything to go in my new virtual hide-a-way! FOUR houses later I think I have finally found one I like in every way, though I will still mod it a little to make it "mine. I went for this house as I like the simpleness of just a couple of rooms and it has an adorable porch area which I plan to cover with lots of pots, flowers and things.

I have been buying up a storm! I love all the cute furniture and accessories that you can buy inworld now though I nowhere near have all that I want yet. I am still looking for amongst other things just the "right" couch to have in the main living room.  I thought I would keep track of the bits I am buying by throwing everything out onto the floor, I thought it may also inspire me on where things should live. Nope. Its just added to the chaos ;)

As soon as I have at least a few things where I want them I will start listing credits and where I brought things. Though like most people in SL making my SL home perfect will always be an ongoing project, that's part of the fun!

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