Saturday, March 12, 2011

Look Of The Day

LOTD 12th March


Redgrave - Fairy Skin Avie

[LeLutka] - Addison

BP* - Denim Jacket - Vintage

Kyoot - Two Sugars Top

-Collect*-  - Thu-chu spring skirt - Old

Republic - Charlotte Flats - Pink Madison


Friday, March 11, 2011

Look Of The Day


Redgrave - Fairy Skin Avie

[elikatira] - Just

Zaara - Yauvani tank top *bordeaux*

Zaara - Jeans {classic}


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's Been To Long!

Thumbs down to having internet problems! Its been ages since I have been able to get in world for more then 5 mins...! Hopefully all sorted now ;)

I have moved to a sim that I love and have had fun setting up house and now I am slowly making it home:




Autumn shades Chair Rust, Autumn shades Chair Olive,  Woodland Nouveau Floor, Beatrice Orchid in Deco Vase, Star Angel, Pokhara Stick Plant, Wooden Hat Boxes, Coffee Mug Chocolate
LISP  Bazaar & Art Dummy

 Laurel Rug, Laurel Loveseat (seats two)
{ what next }

Log Box, Chalk Board Clock -Free!
Insight Designs

Little Tree Lamp

Cozy Nook Relax framed art
Second Spaces

Shabby Umber  Mantle Fireplace
Tea With Aubrey  (Me! )

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Autumn ;)


Who doesn't like Autumn?! In both worlds its the time of the year that is so pretty!

I also think I have found the winter boots that I will be wearing for the duration in Second Life! Its very unusual to put an item of clothing on especially shoes or boots and NOT have to mod any of it to help it fit better! These Snowy boots are that rare find!


Atomic - Vip Group Gift for Nov - 250L$ to join.


Gato - Brown Shirt

Gato - Striped Jeans

::LEO-NT:: - Snowy Boots in Coffee.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm A Grown Up...!

I Have An Office!

I have an office :D

When I saw the latest releases from LISP well I just had to grab it! I feel like I am turning into a bit of a "Lisp Stalker" as I just love their stuff but its fantastic when you (I)find a store who makes things "just how I like them.." I then buy up a storm, its a must! The Star Angel on the desk is also from LISP.

I have a few other stores that I am a huge, HUGE, fan of to and so I have landmarks and a memo (in my new desk drawers) reminding me to go buy them out at the first available opportunity..:D

I brought this Beatrice set here: Marketplace.  It worked out cheaper to buy it as the set because saving lindens is ALWAYS a good thing!

The little box of "things" down by the desk I picked up from the Texture Store Insight Designs. They have some cute little bits of furniture out so along with their gorgeous textures, its a store that is worthy of a visit.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Finally Changed!

Look of The Day.

After all this moving of furniture and late nights arranging couches and lamps I thought it was about time I changed my clothes! 3 day old t-shirts is not good for anyone's health and don't even get me started on the hair!

So cue the vain 5 minutes before I get back to making my dream home all I want it to be ;)

I also just wanted to say that if you have a like minded blog and would like to trade links, feel free to leave a comment or contact me :)


Laq - Claudia2 [Fair] Glow skin

Maitreya  - Piper II

Aoharu - Military Cape Coat

DeeTaleZ - Thick knit sweater

Zenith - Long Jeans

Coco - Engineer Boots

Making Some Progress.

Making Some Progress

I still have so much to do and I am loving it! I just wanted to share with you how moving in is going. I know, I know my fireplace needs more decoration ;) A huge lovely mantel like that is crying out for accessories but as I said before this is a work in progress so the mantel will have to be patient. Unlike me!

The cupboard in the corner was actually meant to be a wardrobe and it had a coat hanger on the door and a towel hanging on the inside but the very lovely LISP make most of their stuff Modifiable so I was able to remove the hanger and towel so that the cupboard which I loved so much would not look out of place in a lounge area.

Becoming Home.

I so LOVE the clock I have above the fireplace, I actually think its one of my favourite things so far.
I modified the door way of the house I brought as I like it to always be open. I love random people dropping in, I think its all part of exploring Second Life. So I rarely have closed doors. Though the land I have at the moment is pretty much off the beaten track so I am not sure if I will have unexpected visitors.

The curtains you can see there I got from TATTY SOUP and I modified them so I could get a colour that would somewhat match the look I was trying for. If you have not been to TATTY SOUP then go there NOW! Run and TP as fast as you can! Lots of lovely, lovely trinkets and NONE of them priced stupidly expensive. Most deffinaley on my list of favourites.

I can't even begin to explain the difference in graphics and the things you can buy now compared to when I first joined at the end of 2006. I still think it a hoot that we can build and rez over 200m high! It brings home just how crowded the skies use to be lol.

I am though experiancing a little "discrimination" I guess because of my new avies age. I love her lots! Though not everyone else I have heard a few "newb" comments thrown my way which I just ignore. These people do not get that the genuine new people are very much whats needed in SL! We need them here to busy up the place, to buy your stuff and to rent your land! If we make them feel "stupid" for being new then I am sure they will soon be hitting that little red cross up in the corner of their screen! Lets not chase them away before they have a chance to get addicted huh?

On another note, I really do think I should get changed! I have worn the same clothes for about 3 days now! I stink!


Prefab House: 
Funky JunkStarlight - I have made slight changes to it) This house comes with the fireplaces and shelves built in! Woop!

Weather Vane Lamp & Shabby Chic Sage Roses Love Seats -  
La'Licious Designs - There are two sizes of couch on offer, I chose the one that said "for kids" in the description as it was the perfect size for a small lounge and it was cheaper!

Clock, Flowers on mantel, Cupboard, Coffee table, Cup, Books, Floor mirror and chair.
LISP  Bazaar & Art Dummy - I want everything in this store!

Potted Plants.
Kyoot Home

Rug, Curtains and Twiggy Vase.
Tatty Soup.