Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's Been To Long!

Thumbs down to having internet problems! Its been ages since I have been able to get in world for more then 5 mins...! Hopefully all sorted now ;)

I have moved to a sim that I love and have had fun setting up house and now I am slowly making it home:




Autumn shades Chair Rust, Autumn shades Chair Olive,  Woodland Nouveau Floor, Beatrice Orchid in Deco Vase, Star Angel, Pokhara Stick Plant, Wooden Hat Boxes, Coffee Mug Chocolate
LISP  Bazaar & Art Dummy

 Laurel Rug, Laurel Loveseat (seats two)
{ what next }

Log Box, Chalk Board Clock -Free!
Insight Designs

Little Tree Lamp

Cozy Nook Relax framed art
Second Spaces

Shabby Umber  Mantle Fireplace
Tea With Aubrey  (Me! )

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